What we Do

Coral Vita restores reefs by growing and transplanting resilient corals. We restore reefs using a proven 5-step process:

  • Assess target reef's health and water quality conditions
  • Create a restoration plan, determining which coral species should be grown, how many, and where they will be planted to revive the reef 
  • Raise these corals using accelerated growth and improved resiliency methods in our land-based farms
  • Install the corals into the reef once they are sufficiently mature
  • Monitor the reef's progress after installation 

Through this restoration process, you can protect coral reefs and the value they create for you. Benefits from a restoration project include:

  • Increased marine life abundance and fisheries production
  • Enhanced tourism experiences and attractions
  • Improved coastal property values and protection
  • Preservation of unique biodiversity

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Banner photo credit: Mote Marine Lab