Coral Vita works to restore our world's dying and damaged reefs. By growing diverse and resilient corals and transplanting them into threatened reefs, we help preserve the ocean's biodiversity while protecting the health and prosperity of communities, nations, and industries, and nations that depend on reefs for coastal protection, food, and income. 


Corals raised are native to the restoration site, shown to be more resilient to changing conditions such as warming and acidifying oceans, and provide critical functionality to the over reef ecosystem. The corals grown are used to revive and protect reef ecosystems, and our land-based farming model allows us to service the range of stakeholders reliant on healthy reefs. With global reef degradation already happening and widespread, people are now able to preserve these valuable resources for both present and future needs.

Ultimate VISION

At Coral Vita, we acknowledge that the best thing to do to protect coral reefs is to stop killing them. We strongly urge responsible parties to limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution and overfishing, and take other meaningful steps to eliminate threats to coral reef health. Yet we also recognize that the pace of degradation, coupled with the lack of sufficient positive action, demands adaptation solutions be implemented as mitigation measures continued to be pursued.

That's why we are creating a global network of land-based coral farms. Doing so will enable clients around the world to have a ready-to-install supply of corals for all restoration needs. We aim to provide a means to sustain vital resources in spite of the ecological danger our planet faces. Coral Vita improves the livelihoods of those who depend on coral and aspires to enable a new generation to protect these reefs that will sustain their communities and nations well into the future.

As a mission-driven company, Coral Vita is committed to reinvesting the majority of our profits into sustaining coral reefs.


Banner photo credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service