Hurricane Dorian Emergency Relief Efforts

The Bahamas are experiencing catastrophic devastation in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and the people desperately need your help for emergency rescue efforts and to begin rebuilding immediately.


Ways You Can Help


Our GoFundMe page

General on the ground immediate help that we will be providing ourselves


Grand Bahama Disaster Relief

Tax-deductible donations to specifically help restore the island of Grand Bahama. Organized through the Grand Bahama Port Authority.


Send relief supplies to drop-off centers in South Florida

Click below to find aid organizations working on ways to transport the goods to Bahamas.


The Bahamas are experiencing catastrophic devastation in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. The intensity of the storm was unprecedented for the northern Caribbean, but it should no longer be surprising that such an intense hurricane has formed. The Caribbean has now experienced Category 5 hurricanes each year since 2016, an extraordinary streak never before seen in recorded history. Hurricanes and other natural disasters will only become more intense and more frequent as our climate continues to destabilize.  

This storm is a prime example of how we need to protect, restore, and create resilient coastal ecosystems that can adapt to climate change, shelter communities from natural disasters, and provide livelihoods for local populations. In the long term Coral Vita will continue to work to make that happen here and around the world, but for now we need all the help we can get to directly help those in The Bahamas in dire need. 

Thank You.